FGS 3DS – 3D Glass Splashbacks – Tile look without the Grout

FGS 3DS (patent pending) is a unique, one of a kind glass, created by FGS Glass to close the gap between Glass Splashbacks and traditional Tiling. This new product is a new, innovative and is exclusive to FGS Glass. It creates a 3D painted splashback that looks like tiling. It is available in 4 patterns and the colours are totally customisable, so you can choose colours to suit your individual tastes. We will be rolling it out fully during June 19 but that doesn’t stop you contacting an Approved Installer and getting a quote. Add your name to the Newsletter below, to stay up to date with new patterns and other amazing new products, that are coming soon. Also take a look at our ‘What You Need To Know’ page before you place an order.



For some time FGS Glass have been trying to think of new and innovative ways to use glass to create a tiled effect in both Kitchens and Bathrooms. We wanted to create the look of traditional tiling, without the issues of cleaning grout and lengthy, high installation costs. A product that is truly customisable – you are able to decide on the colour of the tile and the grout. Making your Kitchen and Bathroom truly unique. With the use of metallic paint, you are able to create glass tiling that truly looks 3 dimensional. FGS Glass believe that ‘2 heads are better than one’ and by using a collaborative approach, an FGS team was able to come up with the ideas to create 3D glass for Splashbacks. 3DS is one product that we created but we also invented TuffSub, a toughenable mirrored Subway tile.

We looked at the past 3 seasons of The Block to decide which tile patterns would be the most successful to launch with. It was clear the most desirable patterns were

  • Subway
  • Penny Tile
  • Honeycomb
  • Herringbone

These patterns will be the ones we launch with. We also have patterns using Circles and Rings.



Because it is a painted glass product, the grout lines that you see are actually behind the glass, so are protected from dirt, grime and discolouration. This means you get the great look of tiles, in whatever colour you require BUT with easy cleaning. No more having to clean grout lines. 

Check out our White Herringbone Splashback below and see how easy it is to wipe off Tomato Sauce. If this was a traditional tile you would be worried that you would discolour the grout lines BUT with this exclusive product, it wipes off in seconds with no chance of discolouration.




FGS 3DS is now available in Victoria, Australia. But as soon as we find affordable and safe ways to transport around the country, will will be opening it up to other States. So make sure you subscribe to our Newsletter to ensure you receive all of the latest news.


We believe that it can be used wherever you can imagine it. Some of the applications it could be used in, are

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Lift Wells
  • Receptions
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Foyers
  • Endless Commercial applications


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About FGS 3DS




FGS 3DS is a unique, one of a kind glass, created by FGS Glass to close the gap between Glass Splashbacks and traditional Tiling. It is a new innovative product, that is exclusive to FGS Glass, that creates a 3D painted splashback that looks like tiling, without the exposed grout.

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