Make sure you read this before ordering FGS 3DS

FGS 3DS (patent pending) is a revolutionary Glass splashback exclusive to FGS Glass.

Available in standard tile patterns, FGS 3DS allows you to fully customise your glass tiling splashback. Choose any Australian Paint Colour for both your Tile and Grout. Designed to mimic real tiles, whilst retaining easy care and cleaning of a flat glass splashback.


What you need to know


Potential Internal Corner Mismatch

FGS Glass make every attempt to ensure the tiles align as well as possible across all joins. However, some panels will not align, especially where the panels meet at 90 degrees and especially using the Herringbone pattern. FGS 3DS is a toughened glass product which means it cannot be adjusted once the glass has been toughened, this means the installer cannot make adjustments on your premise, as the glass will already be toughened. FGS Glass are not responsible for any issues associated with misaligned tiles of grout lines. You need to be fully aware of this before ordering FGS 3DS. If you are expecting corner joins that are millimetre perfect and perfectly aligned, this may not be for you.

Corner mismatch can be made worse by having walls that are not square / perpendicular to each other. The Black Honeycomb has an out of square return wall, that makes any potential mismatch worse. But even with this mismatch, it still looks good.


External Corner Edges

Also on external facing 90 degree corners one edge of the FGS 3DS glass will be painted in the colour of the grout you have chosen. Examples are shown below. This is simply part of the manufacturing and installation process that cannot be avoided. If this look is not acceptable to you, FGS 3DS may not be the right product for you. This painted edge is typical on all Painted Splashbacks, so is not unusual.

The paint colour on the outside edge will typically be the colour of the grout chosen. Also on the Black Honeycomb you can see the effect of an out of square return wall.


3D v 2D Effect

The colour choices for Tile and Grout will determine the 3d effect. Solid tile colours will create a 2D effect, whereas Metallic colours will create a 3D effect. FGS Glass recommends a sample is viewed prior to ordering to ensure your satisfaction

3D – Metallic Tile Colour

2D – Solid Tile Colour

FGS 3DS is a truly amazing product that looks fantastic. However, walls are often not flat or are out of square. The external edges of the glass are painted the same as the grout lines. Due to looking through 6mm of glass to the pattern on the back, you will get a degree of parallax error. The edge of the glass has a slight bevel/chamfer for safety, this can cause a little distortion.  All of these things can create an effect that is not 100% perfect, if you are looking for perfection this might not be the product for you. Saying that, FGS 3DS  does look amazing, as long as you purchase with your eyes open, we don’t think you will be at all disappointed.

Obviously, none of the above matters if you are just installing a single piece of FGS 3DS, with a single piece your tile effect splashback will always look amazing.

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About FGS 3DS




FGS 3DS is a unique, one of a kind glass, created by FGS Glass to close the gap between Glass Splashbacks and traditional Tiling. It is a new innovative product, that is exclusive to FGS Glass, that creates a 3D painted splashback that looks like tiling, without the exposed grout.

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