FGS 3DS (patent pending) will be ordered through your Installer as it is not supplied to retail customers. However, we have attached the Ordering Guide, so that you can see what your Installer has to supply to FGS Glass to make sure your FGS 3DS Installation is ordered correctly.


1. Customer / Job Details

Your Installer will need to ensure he fills in all of the contact details and also explains the Disclaimer. Please ensure you read the following page to understand what your FGS 3DS Splashback will look like and what limitations we have in the manufacturing and installation process.  The ‘What you need to know’ section is very important and both the Installer and the End User need to have read this before ordering. Please read the ‘What You Need To Know’


2. Selecting your pattern and colours

This part is very important, it is required to ensure your pattern is ordered in the correct orientation and to ensure the colour of your tile and grout are ordered correctly. Depending upon the pattern orientation you require, the maximum length will either be 3.6m or 2.4m. The colour of the tile and grout are also very important.

To get a 3D effect you will need to order a metallic tile colour with a solid grout colour (non metallic). This allows the light to reflect off of the metallic flakes, giving a unique 3D effect. This is further enhanced with great lighting. The better the lighting, the better the sparkle of the metallic paint and the better the 3D effect.

To get a 2D effect you will need to order a solid tile and grout colour (no metallic). This will be what would be ordered for the iconic white/black Subway Tile look.


3. Draw a Plan view diagram

A plan view drawing and photos of the location greatly help us in understanding how your splashback pieces join together. Even though we cannot guarantee perfectly aligned panels, especially where panels meet at 90 degrees, we will make every effort to ensure any mismatches are minimised where possible.


4. Draw your panels

You panels will need to be drawn up to scale where possible. It is very important for your Installer to mark panels that join together ie A-A  B-B etc. This shows us where possible joins are and even though the panels will not be perfectly aligned, we will try to get them as close as possible.



Click the Ordering Guide below to download the full PDF Ordering Guide.




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About FGS 3DS




FGS 3DS is a unique, one of a kind glass, created by FGS Glass to close the gap between Glass Splashbacks and traditional Tiling. It is a new innovative product, that is exclusive to FGS Glass, that creates a 3D painted splashback that looks like tiling, without the exposed grout.

We do not install but we have lots of approved Installers to help you with your 3DS purchase. Click in the menu above to find an Approved Installer near you.