FGS 3DS - Subway

FGS 3DS - Subway

FGS 3DS - Subway

FGS 3DS - Subway

FGS 3DS – Subway Tile

A Subway Tile is very popular and seems to be timeless. You can order our FGS 3DS (patent pending) Subway Tile pattern with your colour choice of Tile and Grout. Choosing a metallic Tile colour gives you the pop of a 3D look, whilst choosing solid colours gives the classic 2D appeal, especially when choosing the ageless black and white.

Our 3D Glass Subway Tile gives you the look of beautiful tiles without the issues associated with grout. Grout has a tendency to discolour, erode and can harbour germs. FGS 3DS gives the same look as a Subway Tile but with the cleaning benefits of Glass Splashbacks.

FGS 3DS Subway Tile Installers

We do not install Glass Splashbacks, we only manufacture them. However, we offer a range of Approved Installers in Victoria that can measure, quote and install FGS 3DS into your home. Please click for our Approved Installer page

A price guide for your FGS 3DS Subway Tile Glass Splashback

This is a new product that has a high cost for the glass and has a high level of waste, due to the tile patterns not being omnidirectional. We have worked with our Installers and have set a rrp, which means ideally you should be paying more than this for the install. Please click on this link to see more about pricing

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About FGS 3DS




FGS 3DS is a unique, one of a kind glass, created by FGS Glass to close the gap between Glass Splashbacks and traditional Tiling. It is a new innovative product, that is exclusive to FGS Glass, that creates a 3D painted splashback that looks like tiling, without the exposed grout.

We do not install but we have lots of approved Installers to help you with your 3DS purchase. Click in the menu above to find an Approved Installer near you.